Friday, April 10, 2009

Stolen LEDs

So here were are at the Petro in Glendale, KY minding our own business.  We just had the truck washed. Then dried the aluminum, stainless and glass by hand to avoid water spots.  Of course we always miss a few and the wash is never perfect, so we end up using a little polish to rub out the inevitable drip marks on the aluminum and the remaining bug carcases from the stainless stacks.  

It was about then that Randy noticed something wrong with the dropped trailer we were parked next to.  Every single LED light was missing.   Some one had stolen all the marker, turn signal and brake lights.

We got the company name and number from the inspection sticker on the front of the trailer and called them to let them know.  It is Easter Weekend and the poor guy pulling this trailer probably wont be back to pick it up till late Sunday night.  We wanted to give them a heads up so they weren't blind sided.  After all it is going to take a little bit of leg work to find and get your hands on that many LED lights in Glendale, KY.

According to the company, their driver lived in the area.  Just as we had thought the driver had dropped the trailer to go home for the holiday weekend.  Of course they were grateful we had called them to let them know, but also suspicious that the driver had somehow caused this.  Randy explained that the trailer was dropped under two overhead lights and within clear view of the shop.  We would have assumed it one of the safer spots in the lot as well, that's why we parked there.  After hearing this explanation they seemed to relax and thanked us for taking the time to call them.

You can see the two overhead vapor lights in this picture and the shop was right behind me as I took the photo.

Such a dirty deed to do to another driver, especially on a holiday weekend!

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