Thursday, April 9, 2009

Down Time - Pink Lady

This is one of my new toys, a Charter Arms Pink Lady .38 Special +P.  It is made of aircraft grade aluminum with matte stainless and pink finishes.  It weighs in at a mere 12 oz with a 2" barrel and is very compact, which makes it perfect for a self defense handgun.  I got it last fall and absolutely love it.


Here I am at the shooting club's indoor range practicing with my new gun.  Mostly I shot standard .38 rounds, which handle very nicely in this little lightweight. But I did fire off a few dozen rounds of +P hollow points just to see how they would feel since this is my ammo of choice for this little beauty.  The +P rounds in this gun really kick!  Its so light that it was harder to shoot with these rounds than one of my husband's .45s.  But after a lot of practice I was able to control it and keep my grouping in a 6-7 inch area at distances up to 25 feet.  Which I am more than happy with.
One addition I think would be helpful on this gun is a laser handgrip.  I have one on my Ruger LCP and it is great.  Plus I am told that just that little red dot on a person will make them think twice.  They are also just a hell of a lot of fun to play with ;-)

I have been very fortunate as our shooting club has an ex-FBI tactical team member on staff.  He has been helping me with my shooting and has been a BIG help.  When I first started going to the range with my little LCP and Pink Lady last fall I could barely hit the target with them.  The smaller guns are much harder to control than the larger semi-autos I have previously shot.  But you just can't fit a large frame .45 in your pocket or purse very easily.  So when Randy and I decided to get our CCW last year I started to look at the smaller more easily concealed guns for the first time.  The Pink Lady was my choice for home protection.  I chose the LCP to carry in my purse.  Since I carry small purses I needed a smooth surfaced gun that would be easy to conceal in and remove from a small bag.  The Pink Lady is great because is is coated and doesn't need oil to keep it from rusting, but it just didn't fit in my bag well and the hammer was an issue.  As you can see from the picture below the LCP is perfect.  The gun is very light weight and fits my small fine boned hands very well.  Even with a full clip (.380) of six and one chambered for a total of 7 rounds it still feels like you have a water pistol in your hand. 

 I added a Crimson Trace red laser to it which in my opinion makes it just about the perfect concealed carry.  The laser has an instinctive front activation button which activates the laser when you pick up the gun and hold it in a normal shooting grip.

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