Monday, April 13, 2009

Random Drug Test - Yahoo!

Yes I know it is a necessary evil in this industry, but I hate it.  Since I started driving 9 years ago I have been getting tagged with "random" testing, while my husband never gets called.  Interestingly enough I can't even count the number of other teams out here I have talked with who have the same problem.  The wives always get "randomly" choosen, while the husbands don't.  If this is such a fair system and is totally random then why is it that the female half is the one chosen most of the time?

Today when we arrived at the clinic to take the test, there was another straight truck from our company there as well.  While waiting in the lobby the other lady turned to me and told me how great it was that her husband finally had to do one of these and not her.  She has been doing at least 2 a year for the past 3 1/2 years.  While other than the preemployment testing he did, this was his first random!  We all had a good laugh at the system and our circumstances.


  1. I guess I get to break the trend then. In our case, its my husband who has been selected for a random drug test. I've never been called in for one, ever. Granted I've only been at it for three years, but....maybe I hold a record?

  2. You most certainly are the exception to the rule! My first 5 years driving I got "randomly" selected 2-4 times a year. The last 4 years though have been slow. Only 1 a year.