Thursday, April 9, 2009

Down Time - Off Road Park

This was a trip to the local Off Road Park with our club the Cadillac Jeepers last November.  Unfortunately I had forgotten to charge the camera batteries and didn't get a lot of pictures.  We were the only ones in the group that didn't seriously damage our vehicle on this trip.  

Us climbing out of a deep valley.

Waiting for the trail to clear.  What you can't tell is that the white Cherokee is hung up on some wet logs.  At this point you are headed up hill and as soon as you get over these 4 logs that are piled here you have to make a hard right toward the grey Grand Cherokee.  These logs are all slimy and slippery from the rain we had and as you can see he has spun himself around in the wrong direction.  He is facing left and needs to go right.  He does make it through though.

Playing in the holes!

We did play in the holes too, but unfortunately because of the dead batteries I didn't get an photos of us in the holes.  Next time though...

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