Friday, April 10, 2009

Down Time - Jeep Roll Over

This is Randy's buddy, Ed, and his girlfriend, Cathy, in the green jeep.  We were in what is called the bowl.  A deep sandy valley with steep sides about a mile from our house.  Great for playing in with 4 wheel vehicles.   They had decided to try a new run up the hill and had caught a down tree partially hidden by grass with the front driver's side tire.  It was enough of a glancing blow to throw the jeep over on its side and down into the old run, which is now more of a ditch after the spring rains.  Here Randy is helping them get out just after the accident.  The dust hasn't even settled yet.  Luckly, no one was hurt.

You can see in this photo how deep the roll cage sunk into the dirt, about 5 inches.
Pulling out the winch line in preparation of recovery.

Wrapping the snatch strap around the roll cage.

Ed tossing the snatch strap over to Randy to hook to the winch line.

The winch line was ran thru a pulley hooked to a tree and then back and hooked to the snatch strap around the roll cage.

Now Ed slowly tightens the winch to bring the jeep upright.

We position our jeep at the top of the hill and run our winch line down to the green jeep's front bumper to keep it from rolling backwards as the winch line that brought it upright is slowly released.

They slowly released the side line as they brought it forward enough to stabalize it.  Then completely disconected the side line.

Now it was time to bring it to the top of the hill.

Here we tied the green jeep's winch line to a powerline pole to lock it in place.

Now that it is at the top and locked in place it is time to see if it will run.  Unbelievably it started up on the 2nd try and ran just fine.  We didn't even go home.  We just kept right on wheeling for the rest of the day!  True to its name, ZOMBIE...

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