Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Patience Revisited

It turned out to be a double wammy on the other trucks that just had to get thru that gate before us.  When we all got our dock assignments and were loaded we were the cleanup truck with a partial load, single stacked pallets, double wide.  The other trucks that just had to be first got their dues!  NA NA  >:-)  They got loaded down heavy with triple stacked pallets that were a nightmare inside of their trailers.  According to the drivers when they came back in, the stacks were leaning every which way, including against the walls.  Now I hate to wish anything bad on another driver, but I do recognize justice when I see it!
Now comes the icing on the cake.  We always plan our trips carefully in advance, including paying close attention to the weather and adjusting our routes and fuel stops accordingly.  This trip was going to be pretty straight forward except for the fact that we were heading into a potential ice storm.  However, if we didn't dawdle and ran straight thru to the delivery location we figured we would get there just before dark.  That way we could park for the night before the temperature really dropped and the roads turned to ice.
Worked like a charm.  We ran thru rain, sleet and snow, but the temperature stayed above 37F till we were about 10 miles from our destination.  Then it started dropping like a stone.  Fortunately we were snuggled into our sleeper, snug as bugs in a rug, by the time sunset came.  We ate supper, watched House and then went to bed early.
We got up at 0600 in the morning and were first into the dock to unload.  Those other trucks that just had to be first to load, had stopped for a LONG lunch and hadn't bothered to drive in the night before.  Rather they waited till this morning to come in, on those icy roads!  We were empty and pulling out of the dock when they finally pulled into the delivery all frustrated at the strange weather they had encountered.  They kept saying it is Spring isn't it?
Almost makes you believe in karma doesn't it?

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