Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Really Long Run...

We unloaded this morning at 0600 and headed over to our next pickup.  We had to deadhead a whopping 11 miles and the run was 7 miles.  So we ran a total of 18 miles this morning.  But one cool thing was we got to drive thru the tunnels at the airport again.  We do this every so often and I never remember my camera.  This time I did.

I don't know if everyone knows what I am talking about, so I'll take a second to explain.  In large metropolitan cities like Memphis and Atlanta the airports are so large that the runways need to span the roadways.  So they build a bridge and elevate the runways, thereby creating long tunnels for the roadways underneath.  What makes this so cool is when you are lucky enough to come up to the tunnel just as a plane is landing or taking off.

Today we had to go thru 3 of these tunnels in a row.  As we were coming up to them, but were just far enough away so I couldn't get a good shot, we saw several planes land and take off.  With each one I was thinking, oh no, I missed it again and there wont be another one when I get there.  But it was finally my day!  Just as we pulled up to the second tunnel a FedEx plane landed right on top of us!!!  Couldn't have planned it better if we tried to.

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