Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fast and Furious 4

What a GREAT movie!!!  We finally got to see this movie.  We didn't want to go opening weekend because we knew the crowds would be huge.  Let me tell you it took a lot of control not to go last weekend.  But we went to see two of the previous ones on opening weekend and the theaters were a madhouse.  Since neither of us like crowds or lines, we prefer to wait and go when no one else will be there.  Like Sunday evening and on Easter Day to boot!  Worked like a charm, except for the fact that we were in Louisville, KY and our phones were on central time.  That is until we walked into the theater.  So we arrived a whole hour early.  At least we weren't late ;-)
So we went ahead and bought our tickets for the Director's Hall.  Let me tell you, they told us that the Director's Hall had big leather reclining seats and you could order drink and food while watching the movie.  We have been to these types of theaters in Kansas CIty before and they were worth the few extra dollars per ticket.  
Since we were early we spent a few dollars in the arcade to amuse ourselves.  I played the usual Mrs Pac-Man and Randy played the driving games.  It was a nice arcade with new machines, so we had a good time.   But finally we decided to go ahead and check into the theater.
Since we had plenty of time we decided to get our food and drinks before going to sit down.  It was a good thing too.  When we got to the theater a girl showed us to our seats.  What a disapointment.  They were leather, but they didn't recline.  The seats were regular theater seats upholstered in leather.  They were comfortable though.  So we sat there eating our snacks and watching comercials.  Yes, comercials.  I hate that you pay to get into a movie and then instead of the neat movie and tv trivia that used to be on before the previews to entertain us, we get comercials.  ANNOYING!  Anywho, the movie finally started.  AND, no waiters ever appeared to take any food or drink orders.  AND, there were no call buttons to call anyone.  Good thing we didn't rely on them, huh?
The movie was great though.  Lots of new nonstop action and it was great to see the original crew back together again.  Each of these movies has focused on a different area of street racing, which is why I have enjoyed them so much.  It hasn't been 4 movies all based on the same thing.  Yet they did manage to keep a single story thread going throughout all.  AND YES, we both are hoping they make a FIFTH...

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