Monday, April 6, 2009


We were supposed to load at 0800 this morning and had driven down last night to avoid Monday morning rush hour traffic.  We had just hit the snooze button on our alarm at 0630 when the customer knocked on the side of our truck to tell us they were ready for us.  There were 4 other trucks behind us that we were going to be loading with.  We were first in line.  However it wasn't 2 minutes (I had just started up the tractor) when the truck behind us pulled out of line and passed us so they could be first to be loaded.  Some people just don't have any patience and have to be the first ones to load and unload.  This is fine with us in this instance, because we know dispatch always offers out the short crappy paying loads first because they are harder to get covered.  Sometimes it pays to have a little patience and wait.  I guess we will see when we get to the other end of this one...

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