Friday, April 10, 2009

Down Time - Picking Up Randy's New Plow Truck

We were in need of a new plow truck when I found this little gem on Ebay.  Only catch was that we had to go all the way from MI to Rouses Point, NY.  A trip that was over 900 miles one way.  It shouldn't seem like a long trip to driver's like ourselves, and the trip over wasn't bad at all.  It was the trip back that was long.

We didn't realize how heavy the truck was when we headed out to pick it up.  When they tried to drive it onto the trailer forward the first time, it bent both ramps!  So the second time they braced the back end of the trailer with blocks so it wouldn't dip and backed the truck onto the trailer.  This worked, but the weight was all at the back of the trailer.  Effectively lifting the trailer tongue and drive tires on the Excursion.  We have a diesel Excursion and figured that it and the tandem trailer should have been fine to pull our new toy home.  It had the power alright, but was pretty squirrely on the road with all the weight being on the steer axle.  To complicate things further, we had left our Blizex tires on for the trip.  These tires are great for driving in cold icy conditions.  But put them on the road in temperatures over 40F and it feels like you are driving on jello!  When we left for this trip the weather forecast had been for cold and snow.  It turned out to be in the high 50s the whole trip.  So here we are over 900 miles from home and not able to run any faster than 45-50 mph.  Yes, it was a very long trip home.

Totally worth it though.  This thing, being a diesel, is a snow plowing beast.  Nothing you put in front of it even slows it down!  The front blade is 12' and the side blade 8' wide.  So you can plow a 20' wide path in one pass!  Sure cuts down on the time spent plowing.  That is unless you plow all your neighbors out too.

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