Friday, April 10, 2009

Down Time - Fall Trail Riding

This is the highest point in the county and has a great view.  Very few in the area can get up here to enjoy it though as the trail up is really made for dirt bikes.  But a lot of horse power, 4 wheel drive and white knuckles will do it.

This was another adventure in the Bowl by Randy's buddy, Ed.  He was climbing this run he had climbed several times before that day, when his engine suddenly started over revving and smoking!  He had to shut it down just before he made it to the top of the run.
This picture kinda gives you a little perspective on how steep a climb this really is and in sand too.  LOTS OF FUN!

Finally the guys gave up and rolled it down the hill. 

The theory that flat ground might make a difference didn't hold up. So we hooked a strap to it and towed it  home. It turned out just to be the throttle cable.  From the heavy beating it was taking climbing that hill it had bounced up and back and gotten hooked onto something behind the carb.  This effectively shortened the cable enough so that the throttle was full on all the time.  That is till they found the problem and unhooked it!  Such a simple thing, but they just couldn't see it till they put a trouble light under the hood.


  1. I have a Dodge Nitro, it is great in the mud and in the woods but stillm it's no Rubicon. I might get a new Rubicon next year. I want one bad. nice lift kit, maybe 4 inches. Or maybe i'll get a little older one and then not worry about bashing it. Looks like you guys really have some fun!

  2. Yeah we both love it. I wanted a newer Jeep Wrangler, but Randy bought this CJ instead. I have to say I have really fallen in love with it though. It has a Chevy 400 small block in it with an automatic tranny and twin stick transfer case. It is soooo fast and the weight to power ratio is out of this world. We have a real blast both laying rubber on the black top and effortlessly climbing hills with it. Like you said, it will get a little trail patina, but we aren't worried about it at all. This one was built for fun!!!