Friday, April 10, 2009

Down Time - Jeep Upgrades

Here we are installing new 7" fender flares to cover the wider tires.  Randy is cutting out the rear wheel wells to allow for more tire travel.  That is Cathy (Ed's girl) holding the trouble light so Randy can see what he is cutting OK. (I am taking the pictures and was using the buffer you can see in the picture to clean up some parts for painting for the soft-top hardware)

Amazingly enough the massive 7" flares just barely cover these tires on our widetrak axles.  But they do and keep a lot of mud off of us compared to the little 3" flares that we did have on this Jeep.

Now its time to add the winch mounting plate and winch.  Here we have removed the Hi-Lift Jack, but still need to take off the old plate.

Got the new mounting plate installed and are test fitting the winch.

Violla! Installed and wired in just about 2 hours.  Not bad considering we had to take it all apart once just as we thought we were done, because we had forgot to put the lock washers on the mounting plate bolts.  Oooops.  Well it could have been worse and this little baby has come in handy so many times since.  We have used it to pull trees out of the trail, get over piles of debris, up hills and pull many others out, up and over stuff too.  Neither of us can figure how we ever lived without it!


  1. Nice winch!! Looks like it could pull you out of just about anything...time to find out huh? LOL

  2. It is so overkill its funny. I got the 9k rated winch and the CJ barely tops 2k! We have yet to even warm it up, much less overheat it...but we are headed to the Jeep Blessing May 2 in Mesick, MI. We'll have to see if we can give it a work out there!
    I will post lots of pictures I am sure afterwards. We are planning on wheeling most of the week before and part of the week after with friends coming in from out of state to play.