Monday, March 16, 2009

This is such a tight parking lot...

As you can see from this little daycab hooked to a 48' trailer, there is only about 6' in between his front bumper and those posts at the edge of the pavement.  Our sleeper's back door would be at about his hood if we could get in here straight.  Of course that isn't possible.  The loading dock manager laughingly calls their parking lot a driving test.  If you can hit their dock (without loosing your trailer in one of the HUGE pot holes) your can drive the load.  If not, oh well :-D

It is at times like these when I love our spread axle trailer with its individual axle dump valves.  By dumping the air in either the front or rear axle we can change our trailer's track and pivot point instantly by 10.'  Tandems have to slide their axles to get the same effect.  I always have to chuckle to myself when newbies look at our trailer and inevitably make the same comment, "I would never have put a spread axle behind such a big truck."  I guess they don't know anything about the advantages a spread offers.  Like 40,000 pounds on the trailer (20k per axle) vs 34,000 on a tandem, and not having to slide your tandems to axle out or to corner or back in tight situations.  Now what was that about not wanting a spread?

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