Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kitchen PLEASE!!!

We spent the weekend in Harrison, Idaho with Cathy and Dad at their place, Razzleberry Ranch.  Here is Cathy cooking in her temporary "canning kitchen" in the basement.  This is in use while Dad finishes her custom kitchen cabinets for the permanent kitchen upstairs.  These temporary quarters haven't deterred her in the least.  We were treated to the usual gourmet treatment.  She is such a wonderful hostess!  I have to say some of the absolute best pancakes (blueberry and walnut) and cupcakes (cranberry and vegan chocolate chip) ever and vegan to boot!  Mind she grew the blueberries herself and ground the flour too!!!

Dad is trying to teach Randy how to make something square!  How to draw and cut a straight line, etc.  Randy isn't shy about his woodworking skills.  As he says," will hold, but it ain't going to be pretty!"  Here they are working on one of the cabinet bases.

Later when I asked Randy what he did all day, he said he mostly absorbed information.  I asked if he thought he could do a base on his own now.  He laughed and said maybe after a few more weeks of watching!  First he says he wants to make a squire feeder out of scrap wood and see how that turns steps.

This is where the kitchen will be once the cabinets are finished.  Yes, that is a real working wood fired cook stove! She really uses it too.

This is where the dumb-waiter will be, the 2x4 topped square.  It will allow food to be moved easily between the basement (where the canning kitchen, root cellar, walk-in fridge and freezer are) and the kitchen.  Really cool design feature, huh?

Here is Randy starting the fire up first thing in the morning.   His parents always heated primarily with wood and he loved using the bellows again :-)

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