Thursday, March 12, 2009

12 hours of Sleep

After our escapades yesterday we crashed for 12 whole hours last night.  Once we were unloaded I made a late lunch (brown lentils & baby lima beans w/ mint scallion sauce along with steamed green beans as a side).  After eating we didn't even do the dishes (paper plates mind you) we just left everything on the counter and fell asleep around 1630.  We finally woke up just before 0500 this morning! 
We felt rested though and spent the morning cleaning the sleeper.  I guess we both must have dreamed of those dirty dishes all night long ;-) because we tackled the sleeper with a vengeance!  Oiling wood, vacuuming shades, cleaning under the fridge, wiping down the walls, dusting under the spice jars.....
The sleeper feels so much better now that all the corners are all sparkly and squeaky clean I know I will sleep soundly again tonight.  Well that is if I don't dream of all the things I just thought of while typing this....hmmm, I really need to organize the lazy susan, clean out behind the TV and sort thru our books and magazines ;-)

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