Saturday, March 21, 2009

Choo Choo Continued

A little while back I posted about a load we did out of Kansas City's Union Station.  I mentioned I would dig up some photos of our previous visit.  So here they are.  But first here are a few refresher pictures.  

The following pictures where taken 3 years ago when we were in Kansas City for my birthday and visited this same station!  It was so cool so be able to get photos of us and the truck next to this very same engine!  Remember this is the guy who recently snagged that air line off of a train he found lying on the ground at a RR crossing.

Anyone who knows me understands this picture.  I mean come on, chocolate and a big teddy bear who wouldn't fall in love :-D  No he wasn't for sale, or yes he would have been my birthday present!

Touring the trains...

Chatting with the retired conductors...for several hours.  Really nice guys and the one on the right had been to a lot of the same places we have been.  It was really interesting comparing notes on how things had changed between our visits.  

A neat mural on the wall done of this same station in years gone by.

I got to sit in the engineers seat.   My left hand is on the train horns and YES THEY WORKED!  The first time I pulled the lever at the conductors urging I nearly jumped out the window next to me :-D  

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