Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Polish Me Please!

If you remember we took that trip into the wilds of the Pacific Northwest a few weeks back and ran thru several ice storms.  Then we were unable to find an open truck wash before we loaded our next TVAL load.  As a result it was two weeks before we got all the deicers off the truck. By that time it had already etched all of the aluminum.  It wasn't too deep, but it definitely was going to need to be wheeled to get it gleaming again.

So after running all out to cross the country (2200+ miles of it) in less than 30 hours we decided to forgo sleep and get the truck polished before we got dispatched on a load out of SoCal.  So off to the new Little Sisters Truck Wash and Polish Shop in Fontana we went.  We got the truck and trailer washed and waxed first.  Why bother with polishing a dirty truck?  Then got in the polish line.  We knew it was going to be a long day since this wasn't going to be a simple touch up job.

Sure enough, after spraying everything down with acid and stripping off all the parts that would get in the way of the polish wheels, it took them over 7 hours.  It was well worth it though as they did a great job.  After the acid they took the time to run from brown tripoli rouge with yellow treated wheels to white jewelers rouge with soft untreated cotton wheels with petroleum distillates.  It now shines like new again!  

Waiting in the polish line...

Starting to disassemble by taking off the steer covers...

on to the drivers...

Pulling into the shade of the building...I just love the Little Sister's signs, don't you?

Of course this box has already been shot with acid, but I just love to watch it start to get shiny!

Starting to unbolt the side fairings so the steps can be polished.

Passenger side with side fairing removed.

Here you can see the train horns and generator exhaust 
which normally are hidden behind the passenger side fairing.

Randy removing the sleeper steps so that the rear of the 
passenger side fuel tank can be polished more easily.

Looks weird without the steps.

These are the train horns and PA speaker that are 
normally hidden behind the driver side faring.

More photos showing it getting shiny...

So how do we entertain ourselves for 7 hours while waiting for the job to be done?

Clean and polish the antennas...

Take pictures of neat trucks going thru the wash and talk with the drivers...This one of course was of particular interest to us given our love of off roading and Jeeps!

We went to get some subs at subway and what do we find...the cutest little bug ever!  I am still wondering if he would have fit in it?

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