Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nice Deer

The first time she showed up with all her girlfriends I was so excited I never thought of getting my camera.  This morning when they showed up I finally remembered (well ok, I was reminded very sternly to "GO GET YOUR CAMERA!").  Yesterday we had 5 of these cute girls all eating right below the window.  When I first noticed them I was talking with Cathy in the livingroom and started carefully creeping up the window to get a closer look at them.  I hadn't even noticed Cathy had left the room.  Here I thought I would be all sneaky like and watch them.  Imagine my surprise when I realized I was the one being stalked!  They were bobbing their heads, walking closer and closer all the while trying to see every move I was making inside the house...about this time Cathy showed back up with a bowl of food and asked me if I wanted to feed them.  I wasn't sure what she meant so I just followed her into her bedroom.  She opened the window and started calling to the deer who were just outside the window.  They had seen us moving thru the windows and followed us.  They obviously knew better than I what was up.  They walked right up the window as Cathy started talking to them and tossing out food.  One by one they all came up till they were all within arms reach.  I could have easily reached out and petted them!  It was so cool.
She told me how she has even had elk come up to eat the deer's leftovers and spend the night at the treeline just 15-20 feet from their bedroom window.  You don't see that in Michigan!

We took this photo our last morning as the fog was just starting to burn off the lake.  It was so eerily beautiful.

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