Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On the Job?

Last night I drove over and thru the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnels, twice.  The first time while heading south around 0130 the northern tunnel was closed down to one lane for both north and south bound traffic.  They had a transit authority car running first one way and then the other escorting the vehicles thru the tunnel.  When it came to my turn to drive thru I was wondering what kind of work they were doing on the tunnel.  To my surprise all of the workers in the tunnel (about 8) were actually asleep on the job!  They were LAYING DOWN on the hoods of their trucks, cars and on the walkway along the side of the tunnel!  Not one of them was even standing up.  Of course this aggravated me exceedingly so I just had to reach over and flip on the engine brake.  8" pipes behind a big CAT and on high...I just let it rip all the way down the tunnel until we started back up the other side.  I ALMOST couldn't resit grabbing the train horns when none of them even stirred at the racket, but Randy was trying to catch a few hours sleep before we got to our next stop.  So I had to restrain myself, THIS TIME.  After all I would get another shot at them on my way back north ;-)
Then on my trip back north around 0430 I was both appeased and disapointed to discover that they were back to work.  They were braking down the work area in preperation of reopening the tunnel for rush hour traffic.  So I just couldn't justify blasting them even though Randy was awake next to me in the jump seat.  Oh well, there is always next time....>:-)

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