Sunday, March 15, 2009

Laundry Day

Yes.  It's that time, again.  We are in Louisville, KY waiting to load and I found this place on the internet.  Their web page said that they had 3 triple load washers.  Since I wanted to wash all of the bedding this weekend it sounded like the place to go.

Then we get there.  Talk about a hole in the wall time warp...

We just beat the rush of people into the laundry mat.  I had to sit guard over our 5 machines so no one would tamper.  I guess we got the "primo" machines, because all of the regulars weren't to happy to see we had beat them to the them.  We almost had to start a waiting list.  Everyone kept coming up to us and telling us to call them when the washers were done.  There was only something like 20 other machines in the place no one was using!

Yes, that is smoke damage on the wall and sign!  I'm a believer, don't use the old broken down machines under this sign!

Randy saw this box of "Stiffy's" and just had to take a picture of it :-D

This was one of the three triple load washers this laundry mat was so proud of on their website.  Talk about a blast from the past!  At least it worked, or so the sign said, we didn't give it a go. 

Have you ever seen a washing machine that needs stairs to operate?  Me either, till today.  Talk about a big machine!  Even Randy, at 6' 4" used the steps to add the detergent.  This was the only one of the advertised triple load machines that worked.  But it did hold a lot of laundry and we were able to get all the bedding done.  Randy is always teasing me about being so sensitive the princess and pea fairytale must have been written about me.  I can't stand a messy bed.  I have to wash all the blankets, quilt and shams every 2 weeks or it starts to build up allergens.

Here Randy is standing guard over the "big one."

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