Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend

I haven't mentioned it on here yet, but both Randy and I caught walking pneumonia just after Christmas.  We were down for 3 weeks at home with it and it still has us tuckered out.  Usually after a long and hard push to cross the country in record time (only stopping to fuel) we will crash and sleep for 12-16 hours.  Lately, however, we are crashing after short 800 mile runs for 6-8 hours.  Getting up for supper and then sleeping thru the night.  So how do you celebrate Valentine's Day on the road when you both are dead tired?   We picked out our favorite romantic comedies from our DVD stash (Hitch, Failure to Launch, Wedding Date, The Cutting Edge, Bride & Prejudice, Fools Rush In, Sex and Death 1o1).  Then we went out and picked up Subway and Cokes.  We left the bed down, piled up all the pillows and snuggled in for a relaxing day of doing nothing.  It was great!  We didn't have to cook or clean anything, when we were done eating we just wrapped up the paper and threw it in the trash can.  We watched videos, snacked and napped our way thru the day.

Sunday it was in the low 30's outside, damp and overcast.  So to pass the time we watched the rest of our DVD picks.  I did make dinner today (Kale Puttanesca), but the dishes are still in the sink waiting for tomorrow.  Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that our generator died so I am doing all our cooking on a single hot plate!  This was the #1 reason we got Subway yesterday.  No crock pot, rice cooker, food processor, microwave/convection oven or stove top.  It is a challenge to try and cook a meal on one small burner, but I must say I am getting better at it all the time.  Not to mention how annoying all the noise & vibration from idling the main engine all the time is.  I can't wait till the parts come in and we can get the generator fixed.  

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