Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Little Helper

This little guy decided after some consideration that we really needed his help. After all who better than a squirel from LA to show us how to put chrome on a vehicle.

We were so delighted when he showed up at the fence and started watching us. How cute is he standing there gripping the fence like that. He shocked us even further when he started to come over.

Before we knew it he was right under my husband's feet as he worked on installing my new chrome pedals.

We only felt it right that he be paid for all of his help. He really loved our sprouted grain bread!! So much so that he took this piece and ran back to his borough, then was right back for another and another and another. We weren't stingy, he had helped us out after all. We figured he was stocking up for a family get together or a rainy day.

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