Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Home Away from Home

This is our home away from home, where I will be spending my time blogging from as we work our way around the country. It is a 140"/12' Indiana Custom Sleeper on a Kenworth T-600. There is a door in the rear of the sleeper that makes it so much easier to get in and out of the truck. Not to mention all our stuff and groceries! If you have ever been RV'ing then you know what it's like. We just RV most of the time and vacation at our home! We have our favorite places to haunt all around the country and are continuing to find more all the time.


  1. I read "Our Home Away From Home" and started clicking on pictures thinking you stayed in an RV when not over the road.

    That is a home! I'm jealous. Any idea how much extra weight that ads compared to a conventional sleeper?

    Take care

  2. Our truck, bobtail, weighs in at approx 26,000 pounds. Mind, that is full of fuel, water, food, belongs and the two of us. The tractor/trailer together weighs 45,500 pounds empty. The trailer is a reefer with a wood floor, 4 full storage boxes underneath and even more extra equipment inside.

  3. Love your truck - we just got one just like it! Except ours is a 132" ARI. I love your shower curtain and I like the little curtain you have above the bed - did you make that yourself and is it on a tension rod? I want to do something similar on ours.

    I never knew how great it would be to be on the road in one of these - makes the work day much nicer!

    Thanks for all the pics.

  4. I love to sew and since I couldn't find one I liked I just made it. The rod is a brass curtain rod that my husband hung for me. I didn't like seeing the mattress when the bed was up. It seemed untidy to me. The curtain solves that problem nicely!

  5. That is absolutely awesome. Like a mini house with all the stuff you need.

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