Monday, February 9, 2009

GIRLS !@#$

GIRLS!  They are so cute and they giggle at you!  Uhhhhhh Randy says when I ask what put that big smile on his face after picking up our fuel ticket.  “They were all giggly and saying, come here driver, it will only take a minute!”  Randy says in disgust (all the while grinning).  “I told them FedEx, gotta go and out the door I went”  he ends with a big smile still on his face.  He just loves it when he can benefit from having to wear a uniform to work.

I am still a little mystified as to what he is talking about so I ask him to explain.  After all, this is my husband here who is talking about cute and giggling girls with a smile that runs from ear to ear all the while faining exasperation.  Apparently “they were all dressed up and out to flirt and sell what ever was on their table,” he says.  “They had that I am so cute and you’re a truck driver, so I can get you to buy anything look on their faces.  Which makes me just cringe every time I see it!  It might work on 99% of America’s Truck Drivers but it wont work on me!”  he finished very proudly!

It is moments like these that make me remember why I love him so much.....

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