Thursday, February 19, 2009

CHOO CHOO All Aboard...


Where else do you get an ever changing panoramic view from your office and go to work to find out you get to play in the train yard!  Alright we worked our patutties off to get the load in the trailer.  We used over 100 shipping blankets to wrap the freight, 14 logistic bars and 60 some ratchet straps of varing lengths to secure it.  At least we were inside under the building, because it was so hot outside.  We were backed up to an old hydrolic lift style dock which needed to be raised and lowered repeatedly to put each piece in the trailer.  I was on the ground unpacking blankets and straps from the belly boxes for the crew helping my husband inside the trailer.  So I was the lucky one who got sprayed from head to toe with hydrolic oil when the lift sprang a leak.   EEK!!!  I got it in my hair, eyes, mouth and it stained my uniform.  Even simple green couldn't get that junk out.  It took Dawn and alot of scrubbing to get if off my person.

But none of this took away from the enjoyment we got at being where we were.  Union Station in Kanas City!  We had visisted this very location 2 years ago when we were in Kansas City for my Birthday.  We had spent a wonderful day going to thru the museum and when we got to the end we met a retired conductor who was sitting in one of the trains talking to people as they went thru.  We must have sat and talked with him for almost 3 hours.  He was the neatest guy and the stories he told!  We exchanged stories with him about areas of the country and Canada we both had traveled.  He on the rails, we on the roads!  He was more interested in our job and we of course were enthralled by what he was telling us about his.  It is so nice when you meet others who truly share your wanderlust.

Being able to return to Union Station once again and this time to be able to take our truck "behind the scenes" was such a treat.  While we were loading we explained to some of the people there about what a great time we had had on our previous visit.  They in turn insisted that when we were done loading we pose the truck and take pictures!  One of the ladies even took several dozen pictures of us with the truck and trains!  She asked us what photos we had taken on our previous visit and suggested that we take some of the same shots, but this time with the truck.  It was a great idea!  Now when I get around to doing scap books I can put those pictures side by side.

We have 6 train horns on our truck.  Three on each side behind the side fairings underneath the cab doors.  What better place to play with them than in a train yard.  Everyone got a great kick out of it, but I don't think they enjoyed it half as much as we did!

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