Monday, February 23, 2009

Cleanup Day

Today was spent working on the truck.  First my husband installed a Turbo3000D.  He has been trying to pick one up for a few months and finally found a shop that had one on hand.  Install kits are available specific to your engine make and model (ours is the Cat C-15 550 hp).  The kit comes with all the fittings and hoses necessary to complete the install yourself.  With the aid of the kit the install was quick and easy, only taking about an hour to install.  Most of this time was taken up by my husband doing his best impersonation of a contortionist since ours needed to be installed behind the steering pump reservoir.

We have heard many good reports about how well these perform.  The manufacturer guarantees a minimum 10% increase in your mpg or your money back.  When asked if anyone had every returned one, the shop where we purchased the Turbo3000D said that one guy had.  Apparently he had said the 1 mpg increase in mileage he had realized wasn't good enough!  The shop said that he was just one of those people that you just can't please.  Nothing would have made him happy.

The Turbo3000D.

It is installed on the outlet side of the fuel pump.
 The simple explanation of how this works is this:
  It acts as restrictor valve and equalizes
 the fuel pressure across all the injectors. 

Since it lengthened the fuel line and placed it in an odd position, a guard 
needed to be put in place to keep a hole from being rubbed in the line.

Next we gave the truck a bath to get all the salt off from the last storm we ran through up north.  This was a headache as usual.  We had to have them rewash it twice the first time thru and then back the truck into another bay for them to get all the stuff they missed the first two times.  The trailer rails needed to be acid washed twice because they are diluting the brightener so much anymore it doesn't work for crap.  Then as usual they completely skipped the back of the sleeper, catwalk  and rear fenders/frame area.

When we finally called it good at the wash bays we still had to use polish to hand rub the fuel tanks, wheels, boxes, handles, exhaust covers, exhaust stacks and catwalk to get all the stuff the wash had missed.  Then after the truck was done drip drying we had to go back and wipe off the side fairings.  The rinse hadn't quite gotten all the salt off and some had dripped down and dried while we were working on other things.

Since it was such a nice day and we had only been hit up by 3 panhandlers/businessmen selling services and wares, along with only a handful of admirers, we decided to go ahead and touch up the few paint chips we had received from an ice storm we ran in a month ago.  It never seems like there is that much to do, but we were out there doing it all for over 7 hours.   It was the gnats buzzing around our heads that finally drove us in for the night.

Since I weigh less than half what my husband does, 
I always get the roof work!

At least it's always warm up there!

When working on the truck I  wear these 
old overalls of my husbands!  Aren't they sexy? :-D

This collapsible ladder is one my husband's favorite toys,
even though it seems I am the one always climbing it!
After two severely bruised thumbs I absolutely refuse
to set it up or collapse it anymore.

Since I had so much to do up top today, 
he graciously volunteered to do the tires.  
This is a huge sacrifice for him,  since its
 hard for him to get his 6'4" down to this level.

Yes the cocoa mat is VERY uncomfortable to sit on, 
even for short periods of time!!!!

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