Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh Deer!

I was driving along listening to Fox News on XM, the cruise was set at 63 mph and the road was all mine. So far a good night. I was just passing the end of an on ramp to my right when I caught a gleam arching over the guard rail on my right. Good thing I had just checked my left mirror seconds before to be sure I was clear to get out of the way in case some idiot came flying down the on ramp (a regular occurrence on my shift). I quickly swerved to the left as a VERY LARGE DOE cleared the guard rail heading straight for the side of my tractor. I swear I don't know who's eyes where bigger or heart was beating faster, hers or mine. I could see her in my passenger side mirror trying to reverse direction before she even landed! As I saw her twisting in midair I thought she was going to slide underneath my trailer when she landed as I watched it in seaming slow motion. I was pulling away from her as she was literally spinning her hooves on the moist blacktop trying to get traction. I thought it was too late, but somehow she just managed to miss the trailer tires. The last I saw of her she was sailing right back over that same guard rail. I don't think 3 seconds passed, but it seemed like an eternity.

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