Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Around the bend and over the next hill...

When we decided to stop at a small road side rest area in Veil, CO we had no idea what was literally just over the hill.  We had been twisting our way thru the canyons with some new friends of ours for hours and we all needed a rest so we could stretch our legs.  It didn't look like much, just a gravel parking area with outhouses, but then I found what looked like a path going down the side of the hill (well actually small mountain) thru the trees.  It was pretty steep and rough, but after going down a little ways I could see what looked like water down below.  I finally talked my husband into trying it.  So we all put on tennis shoes, got our cameras and off we went ready for some fresh air and a little adventure!

The climb down kept getting steeper and steeper.  Then about half way down the path disappeared!  But we could see the water clearer and were not about to be deterred at this point.  So we weaved our way back and forth looking for dry foot holds.  When we finally got to the bottom, to our surprise, there was a paved access road in front of us!  All we had to do was cross a deep ditch and we were there.  It was so beautiful and I was in a hurry to get down.  My husband of course was worried about me the whole way down and kept telling me to "take it slow" and "easy."  I just had to say, since I was home free after all, that I was fine.  I had made it down the whole way without any problems so far right?  So down into the slippery wet, grass lined ditch I went.  Without his helping hand of course.  WHAM, down I went onto my butt and slid a good 8' or more before I came to a stop.  I was so shocked I forgot to tell him I was OK fast enough, and before I knew it he was right beside me, beside himself!  Other than a sore bum and bruised ego, I was fine.  I, of course, had to suffer being felt all over so he could satisfy himself I wasn't telling a fib.  I wanted get on with my investigating and he knows me to well I am telling you ;-D  After he was satisfied I was OK, he helped me out of the ditch and we were off....

It didn't take long for me to find something else to climb to get a better view and try to find some more of those pretty sparkling rocks we saw at the water's edge.

 Who knew my new friend liked to collect rocks from around the country like I did.  She even managed to talk her husband into carting them all over the country till they got home and she could put them in her garden just like me (I always knew I wasn't as crazy as people kept telling me).

It was absolutely gorgeous down there.  We were the only four people around and it seemed like our own little world while we were down there.  There was so much to see.  A small water fall, fish, sparkling rocks with the prettiest flowers (nature's own natural rock garden), a pier out over the water and down at the end a small camping area.

Yes, I wanted to climb up to the top of the little waterfall. I lost that "discussion" though. If only I hadn't already fallen, I know I could have won.  It was such a beautiful site.  Whatever those rocks were with the silver/goldtone flecks in them (fools gold maybe?), they were amazing scattered all along the waterfall's path with the sun shining as it was.

It was an absolutely amazing afternoon we spent down there.  So much so that none of us wanted to leave, which had nothing to do with the steep pathless climb we had ahead of us, I am sure.  When we did decide it was time to head back to the trucks we debating following the access road back to the highway, but decided against it and headed back up the same way we came down.  "Was it really this steep on the way down," we kept gasping at the numerous rest stops on our way up.

When we finally made it back to the top, we all plopped down and just sat there for about 10 minutes to catch our breath.  Then, just as we were getting back into the trucks I made another find!  MARBLE!!!  Someone had thrown several large pieces (24" x 8') of cracked polished marble counter top material off of a truck.  The find of the century to two rock collectors such as ourselves.  So after a CONSIDERABLE amount of conjolling (I think I forgot to mention that both husbands had carted several must have rocks up the mountain for us already) we got the guys to "rescue" the precious material and put it in the trailer boxes for us.  Boy did we ever owe them after that afternoon outing!  Which I might add I have been reminded of a time or two since :-)  Like everytime we had to move "your rocks" (as they were dubbed) to get to the packing blankets and finally when we got home and had to unpack them.  Now I just know I am going to hear it all over again when I tell him I want to repack and move all these when we move this year!!!!  What do you think?

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